Friday, September 18, 2009

Time To Drop A Line On Stock

So the line on stock today is its blowing up son. It's pointing up, up and away. Portfolio managers are out there chasing the bench mark, its crazy. Them big baller investors are keeping a eagel eye on that fed's 2 day meeting yo. The Treasury is going buck wild with this auction there throwing with more than 200 billion in  notes up for grabs. On top of all that the big global ballers are all having another ball at teh G-20 in the steel town of Pittsburg after they get up at the Un General Assembly. Thats gonna move the line on stock for sure. Obama is throwing down with the President of China for a little egg roll and chicken. Stocks have kicked up 8 out of the past 10 weeks. Word? On top of all that jive, Old Man Dow had a week on fire. Gained up on 2,2 % to a big 9820. S&P 500 hit up 2.5 percent to 1068 and the Nasdaq was up like 2.5 yo at 2132

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